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Join the Revolution at the All-New Museum of the Revolution, Right Here in Philly

Be sure to see the incredible exhibits at the brand-new Museum of the Revolution coming to Philadelphia! This fascinating and expansive institution has opened its doors and invites all of Philadelphia to step back in time with an unprecedented collection of history.

Just two blocks from Independence Hall — the command center for the American Revolution — the Museum of the American Revolution is the newest addition to America’s most historic square mile, Philadelphia’s Historic District. The newly opened museum documents the strategic wins, crushing losses, and world-altering consequences of the war for We the People. Visitors learn stories of well-known and everyday people who experienced the tumult of our country’s Revolution through galleries, engaging films, and an expansive collection of Revolutionary-era artifacts.

Encompassing 118,000 square feet, the space displays art, manuscripts, and printed works from the nation’s earliest years including one of the most anticipated pieces in the museum: General Washington’s Headquarters Tent, an iconic piece of history where President George Washington slept and made world-changing decisions. It also displays a range of objects gathered from and pertaining to the Revolutionary War, including British, French and American weapons used in battle and personal diaries written in camp.

With so much history packed into this fresh collection, the Museum of the American Revolution is an absolute treat for American history buffs! There’s nothing else quite like it, so be sure to attend and see it all.

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Event Time/Date:
Saturday, March 10, 2018—10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Museum of the American Revolution
101 South Third Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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