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Welcome the 2017 Fringe Festival with This Incredible Performance

This ensemble work of dance, theater, and music is built around the 17th century diaries of Samuel Pepys, a man who sang, strummed, shopped, strove, bullied, and groped—and recorded all of it in his diary. A startling precursor to today’s social media culture, Pepys possessed a compulsion to assign an almost constant real-time meaning to his daily existence. From his bunions to his infidelities to his perversions to his meetings with the King, he obsessively put his daily life on paper, or he felt lost.

17c dismantles this unchallenged historical figure, using the copiously prolific diaries, Margaret Cavendish’s 17th century radical feminist play The Convent of Pleasure, three centuries of marginalia, and the ongoing annotations of web-based devotees of Pepys. Elastic and poetic, the performance jumps about in time and place and point of view—and embodies the women’s voices conspicuously omitted from Pepys’s account, revealing the making and unmaking of our subjective past.

Following the world premiere of 17c by Big Dance Theater, President and Producing Director Nick Stuccio, Executive Chef Peter Woolsey, and Big Dance Theater collaborate to create a memorable evening of food, drink, and performance with Festival friends and family.

The Annex at Brewerytown, an extraordinary blend of comfortable and convenient apartments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, would like to remind our friends and neighbors of this event!

Event Date/Time:
Thursday, September 7, 2017—7:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
140 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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